STRESS REDOur world really moving so fast  and we all know that this will not going to slow down but the outcome is not that good  people get easily stress out from jobs and plans.  Talking about individual’s perspective when it comes dealing with stress but others can’t cope up but tend to lose their sanity and the worst part  If you are not able to find a way to handle   it  that can lead you to some sickness and diseases like heart problem and anything which are cause my so much pressure.

Having a stress is not good and I want to share with you what’s the best way to alleviate your stress and one of the most profound solutions for it is sex Sex is really a mad medicine to cure for stress that is good if you have wife or girl friend. But this article is not solely targeted for sex to get rid of stress but with video games. Have you notice that when you play games all your focus is fix toward the game you play.  For example if you play a game  like call of duty  do you think  that if you’re not going to focus the game you can win am sure you will be dead right away. As far as I can tell from my experience every game I play I give my focus and by that I tend to forget my works or even things that really necessary for me to finish.

STRESS GREENStress can be severe if you don’t know how to cope up and deal with it. So my best advice without going to the doctor is to play makes you busy is to play games. You can forget your problem the whole day. Playing games can turn into hours upon hours  to spend, I remember one time my problem  play his favorite games right after he went to bed or from the church he rush toward his computer to check his game. Games be really addicting and it’s really a remover of stress. So If you are in stress right now why not give yourself and favor and play your favorite games or if you have not playing any games  before then you can start playing candy crush sage which is the hottest game today that even one of the senator in our country play this games.


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